With over a decade of experience, during Samia’s government career working with the Department of Defense, Washington Headquarters Services (WHS); supporting the Department of State, Office of Acquisitions Management (AQM); as well as partnering with Consular Affairs (CA), she has successfully led teams in the development, administration, and management of multi-million dollar facility services, construction, and IT contracts.

Born, raised and educated in the diverse community of Prince George’s County, Maryland (located within the DMV tri-state), Samia is excited to be named one of the top 10 finalists in the Inc.com and UPS Store 2019 Small Biz $25K Challenge. Samia is working relentlessly to assist culinary geniuses in creating explosive customer experiences while maintaining an excellent company culture through who they hire and how they are trained.


As the winning recipient of the $25k 2019 Small Biz Challenge, Samia will be launching her first culinary maker and artisan kitchen community work space exclusively created to support food and beverage entrepreneurs in a shared incubators within Prince George’s County, Maryland. Stay in the know and learn more about the journey to the competition.

& Brands Created by Samia

The incubator will have health-inspected and licensed commercial kitchen space and office space that will help new food businesses getting off the ground.

The CORe Agency is a nationally recognized privately held woman owned small business with more than 13 years of experience in the Federal Government and Commercial sectors.

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